Healthy shake recipes

Villaware infinity blenderShakes are quintessential aspects of a healthy body. It helps one to stay strong and healthy. A lot of protein and iron in the body helps keep it robust and increases the life term. Milk can give the right nutrients not just for your body but also for your bones to grow strong and resistant to any diseases. People who involve themselves in a lot of physical training need a lot of nutrients intake. Every kind of body needs certain nutrients but at varied amounts. For non-vegetarians, consuming protein will not be much of a problem but as for those who are non-consumers of meat might face problem of getting proper and required amounts of protein. For all those who need the right amount of nutrients, but are unable to find sources of the nutrients can consume healthy shakes that have the mixture of nutrients and make up a complete diet. Here are some of the tasty recipes that will help you consume proteins and other nutrients without leaving a scope for any side effects. The most important that you need to have to make tasty and mouth watering shakes is a blender in the kitchen counter. Apricot-pineapple-strawberry shake To make an apricot-strawberry shake, you must have the following handy: One fresh apricot diced into small cubes cup of crushed pineapple banana Six strawberries One tablespoon of skim milk powder 1 cup of water One heaping tablespoon of high-quality protein powder (optional) One tablespoon of flax seed oil (optional) After taking the following ingredients, use the blender to process the fruit with the rest of the ingredients. Blend it thoroughly until it shows up a creamy colour. Finally, pour the mixture into a cup and serve it cool. To make the shake cool, add cubes of ice on to the blender with the ingredients. Banana- strawberry smoothie To make banana-strawberry smoothie you need the following ingredients: Six frozen strawberries ,One frozen banana, One tablespoon of skim milk powder ,1 cup of water , One heaping tablespoon of high-quality protein powder (optional), One tablespoon of flax oil (optional), To make a smoothie out of these ingredients, put these ingredients into a blender and blend it for about 5-10 minutes. After the desired time, pour the shake into a glass and serve.